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Full service esports production

When it comes to esports: Goexanimo has you covered from every angle - we’re the perfect esports partners.

Goexanimo is a full service esport event production company: we manage everything esports event related - on stage, on stream, behind the scenes.

When it comes to esports broadcasts, we offer full stream production and direction, including all equipment, overlays and designs for broadcast, sound and visual effects, and even custom made music with full copyright.

Goexanimo manages travel and accommodation logistics for all athletes. We even build training and chill rooms on location for the athletes, to maximise their performance levels.

We manage all stage design, special effects and even build custom made furniture to meet the specific designs of the event. Goexanimo will manage all tournament production and organisation: including match schedules, standings, stats tracking and reporting. This includes server programming, configuration and maintenance for all esports tournaments.

We specialise in offering maximum sponsor engagement with audiences both on stream and during live events: unique and sponsor block creation is our specialty.

organised events
live broadcasts


Things we do best

Esports events of all sizes
Pop-up, semi-permanent (hotel, mall, cinema), arena-sized
Video production
Montages combining in-game assets and real-life footage
Mobile esports expertise
Extensive experience with Gods of Boom World Championships 2019
Esports technology
Including game to web data and player-skill data
Community creation, engagement and moderation
Including web and discord; hosts; cosplay; eco-friendly merchandise


For a very long time, the Baltics didn’t have a dedicated league from which players could work further to achieve their goals of becoming professional esports players. Jumping to nowadays - 2019, we finished off our 3rd consecutive season, during which we have had regular competitors from multiple countries. And as we have grown from season to season, so have our prize pools, partnerships, and our fanbase.

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An urban culture and esport festival, during which the grand finals for BESL take place. But whilst you're waiting for them to start, you get to enjoy everything starting from retro games, to cosplay, to virtual reality, to robotics and of course the social media influencer meet and greet section.

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A place where doors are open for everyone willing to have an exciting time off by meeting people who share the same passion for esports. People who want to know what it feels like to play on the stage. It’s also a place where everyone can compete, no matter the amount of experience they have. The club hosts regular tournaments to help develop the region scene and make it so that anyone can experience what it's like - winning a tournament.

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The company which is also part of WLA (World Lottery Association) approached us in hopes that we could help with their social responsibility project during which we provide input from our gamers and ourselves as to how to keep your life in balance between devoting time for self-growth as an esportist and managing work and study life. We also had a gamer integration project with LATLOTO where gamers would take on real basketball players in the courts and then the basketball players would take on the gamers within NBA2K matches.

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Guns of Boom

One of the fastest-growing mobile esports games approached us in hopes we could provide them with a high-quality esports studio as well as live game coverage in terms of commentary. Our partnership with Guns of Boom grows stronger every day with ourselves providing regular streams for the South East Asia region.

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With the help of LBS (Latvian Basketball Union) we were the very first to write a new page in history by organizing the first NBA supported NBA2K international match, which was held between the national teams of Latvia and Lithuania. Very soon we followed up with another official match between Latvia and Estonia, with the prospect of moving on to other countries.

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