May 13th, 2022

How to get into esports in 2022

The esports industry offers countless work opportunities to people who are willing to apply themselves. Now, more than ever, gaming enthusiasts are eager to ‘buy’ themselves a ticket to board the esports train before it’s too late.

October 6th, 2021

How a team of dreamers brought the first-ever NFL Madden championship to Europe

December 2019, fresh off 15 years in corporate business, suits, ties, french cuffs, and “bored-room” meetings, Chris “trumpetmonkey” Simpson, an avid gamer and streamer, excitedly lands the role of a lifetime at a Latvian esports production company, with global aspirations.

September 23rd, 2020

When the pandemic gives you lemons, you make the PUBG Pro Sessions!

Riga, Latvia, April 2020: the team in Goexanimo, like many companies, businesses, and people around the world is facing a generational challenge - the Covid 19 pandemic.