A stepping stone for the rising esports stars of the Baltic region

Thanks to the support of companies such as Tet, Samsung, HP, MSI, LATLOTO, Unilever, Wolt, and Swedbank, we were able to give Baltic gamers a dedicated esports league: a place where young, aspiring esports players could compete against each other and push themselves to become better with the hopes of one day turning their passion for video games into a real career by becoming professional esports players.

5 seasons

of league play

5 arena



paid out in prizes


hours of content


total participants

World-class esports arena events produced by Goexanimo

Each of the five seasons began with regular-season online play with teams competing in game titles such as CS:GO, League of Legends, Rocket League, and PUBG. After that, the best teams proceeded to arena-sized LAN finals that were played out on the Esports Stage at the HyperTown Urban culture & Esports festival in front of a live audience so passionate that you could hear their chants long after the games had ended.


Creating memories that will last forever