Reaching the youth through gaming

Together with Domina, a shopping center located in Riga, Latvia, we created a series of local events crafted and customized specifically to target the younger audience. In total, we produced three very well-received esports events in game titles such as Fortnite, Rocket League, and Minecraft: chosen specifically to reach the demographic that Domina desired. The best gamers were rewarded with Domina Shopping gift cards that they could use to purchase whatever they desired!

3 amazing



gaming titles


total players


in gift cards

13 hours

of fun content

Choosing the right way to approach the audience

Thanks to the strategy of advertising the event directly to children through the local e-school platform, Domina Shopping Gaming Series events delivered on both a high number of participants that wanted to prove their gaming skills and a high number of viewers that wanted to see their friends and classmates compete in the event.