The perfect mix of fun and competition

Gaming night series is a Goexanimo-original event concept that sees the most well-known gaming influencers in Latvia clashing against one another in multiple video game titles in order to not only prove who is the best gamer but also - the best entertainer! The two-day event sees streamers with different personalities not only interacting with each other but bringing their unique viewership together for the sole purpose of everyone enjoying watching video games being played.


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Multiple points of view

The great thing about Gaming night series events is that viewers are in complete charge of what they want to see: all the influencers are broadcasting their point of view on their own channel, thus giving the viewers the chance to jump through streams in order to catch all the LIVE reactions and get the most fun out of this experience. Since its inception, the Gaming night series has had two events that were supported by Tet and Pringles.