Endorsed by PUBG, supported by Printify

With the help of Printify as our title sponsor, we were able to organize and produce our very own world-class PUBG event that saw 16 of the best teams from Europe & CIS battling it out for the prize pool of $10,000 across four weeks. We managed to create a truly special experience for teams participating by having a competition concept that combines both good practice and sportsmanship with a bit of fun and few twists.

4 weeks

of competition


prize pool

16 elite

PUBG teams


people reached


special guest

A unique world-class PUBG event crafted and executed by Goexanimo

The event was broadcasted on Goexanimo's Twitch channel with live game commentary in English provided by our very own talented casters. During this project, we took care of everything: event concept creation and planning, social media campaign and giveaways, creation of broadcast graphic package and various cinematic montages, talent management and training, and, of course, the production of the broadcast.


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