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Esports bootcamp is essentially a training camp: a place where full and part-time e-athletes alike eat, sleep and breathe the game they are competing in. It is the place where friendships are forged and teamwork is born. It is the environment that creates the inevitable chain reaction of your squad turning into a well-oiled machine that is ready to take on the world of esports.

Starting from just €3,000 a week, our esports bootcamp service in Riga, Latvia offers an opportunity for any team to take their game to the next level. Your bootcamp facilities will be equipped with gaming gear containing the following specs: Intel i5-9400F, GeForce RTX 2060, 16GB of RAM, Samsung FG73F 144Hz monitors, Canyon Corax gaming chairs, and a 250 Mbit optic internet line.


Esports and Gaming

Overview of this world in numbers


Daily gamers globally
0.6 bln
1.29 bln
1.75 bln


Daily stream viewers
0.38 mln
2.84 mln
15 mln


bln USD
Global esports market
$1.21 bln
$1.82 bln
$2.8 bln
$4.41 bln
$7.13 bln


Esports Bootcamp advantages

Low living costs
Play against EU opponents
Fast and stable internet with low ping
Experienced project crew
Content production studio

Enhance your experience with additional features

Team coordinator

    A team coordinator will take care of your team for the entirety of the project. From greeting the team at the airport and driving them to their bootcamp location, to helping them resolve any issues that might arise on-location during the bootcamp. On top of that, the team coordinator will also act as a personal guide for the team and drive them around in a dedicated team vehicle.

Team building activities

    Team building activities are an essential piece of a healthy esports bootcamp schedule. Whether it's laser tag, bowling, go-karts, sightseeing the city, or just having a nice team dinner, it is of utmost importance that the team has time to relax, bond, and recharge their energy before returning to everyday practice.

Bootcamp plan

    With more than 30 years of expertise in the esports industry and personal experience of being part of esports bootcamps, the Goexanimo team offers to make a simple, yet detailed and effective plan, with clear instructions for each and every day, to ensure that your team is working efficiently and staying on top of their game.

Fan engagement

    Our creative department is ready to craft a content plan that is going to resonate with fans and brands alike. Our multi-functional studio allows us to make photoshoots and produce content such as interviews, challenges, skits, materials for hype videos, or sponsor requests. On top of that, we can also provide an on-location bootcamp videographer to capture all the behind-the-scenes action and compile it in a vlog.

Personal chef, trainer, maid

    A personal chef will prepare well-nutritious meals on a daily basis to help players focus and feel energized during the training sessions. A personal trainer will ensure that the players are not only getting their fair share of physical exercise during the week but also equipping them with knowledge of how to safely and effectively exercise on a daily basis. A personal maid will ensure that the players are living in a clean environment.

Game coverage

    It goes without saying that the team is going to spend most of their bootcamp time practicing. But, when that occasional official game or qualifier comes, the Goexanimo production team, together with its best casters, is going to be ready to showcase what your team is capable of by broadcasting the action to a global audience.

Increase your brand value

    While your team is busy working on their craft in the bootcamp facilities, you could be working towards increasing your brand value by creating and/or refining your visual identity through a brand book, coding a dedicated team website, or crafting awesome designs for your team's line of merchandise: Goexanimo team can help you with all of those things!


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