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Mobile esports is the future

Every somewhat competitive mobile game in its life cycle comes to a moment when mobile esports is mandatory for the game to make an even longer-lasting legacy.

Goexanimo has universal experience in organizing mobile esports events, starting from in-person, small-scale pop-up exhibitions going up to Europe and worldwide arena-sized events. We have produced mobile esports events with prize pools of more than 200 thousand dollars.

Esports and Gaming

Overview of this world in numbers


Daily gamers globally
0.6 bln
1.29 bln
1.75 bln


Daily stream viewers
0.38 mln
2.84 mln
15 mln


bln USD
Global esports market
$1.21 bln
$1.82 bln
$2.8 bln
$4.41 bln
$7.13 bln

The nuts and bolts of mobile esports

Standalone event

    If your desire is to test out the waters then a standalone event is where your mobile esports road should begin. At Goexanimo we have extensive experience in building tournaments entirely from scratch as well as working with existing tournaments in order to maximize their potential.

    Mobile esports events are quite similar to other esports tournaments. If you want to learn more about esports tournament services click here.

Multi-year roadmap

    Goexanimo has experience with multi-year esports and game title activation. We can assist you with creating a multi-year roadmap and also partially executing it for you.

    When creating a multi-year roadmap we will touch on topics such as pilot project timeline, campaign messaging/narrative, player engagement, competitive culture creation, content plan, influencer involvement, as well as competition circuit and ruleset.

Game optimization

    Our team consists of former professional esports players in different game titles. Throughout the years we have worked with many clients and executed numerous esports projects. We have noticed some practices work better than others, therefore we feel comfortable consulting on things such as game mode adjustments, weapon and in-game aspect balancing, reward systems, UI/UX solutions, as well as help with any other aspect of mobile esports.

Data integration

    Displaying esports or tournament-related graphics can often be a challenge: our team can make it easier as we have years of experience in esports-related data integration and optimization for esports viewers. While crafting any esport tournament, broadcast, or marketing-related graphics we will factor in your video games theme and art style.

The community

    It's not rocket science: data has shown that active community members typically stick to the game much longer than ordinary players due to having shared experiences with like-minded people around them. A community that is created by taking into consideration the game's culture and countries/regions it is played in will result in true companionship amongst its members.

Tournament coverage

    While the king of tournament coverage is most definitely the broadcast itself, there are plenty more things that need to be done for an event to be covered properly. Written content such as tournament announcements, recap articles, and interviews with the players will keep your fans well informed about the event while fascinating highlight reels will make them want more!


Let us become your mobile esports partner!

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The process

A small glimpse at the main steps that we take in order to deliver you greatness!

First meeting

    In the initial meeting, we will go through details about your company and game title as well as discuss your experience with esports. Furthermore, we will discuss the player base size, location, community, and what stage your game is currently at. We would also love to hear your aspirations!

The multi-year roadmap

    With a few meetings behind us, we will have a good understanding of what you want to achieve for your mobile esports game title. We will decide upon an approach to take for the project and start putting together the first draft. We will work closely with you in order to craft the perfect roadmap to achieve your goals.

The execution

    After the roadmap has been finished, both of our teams will work in tandem in order to execute the project. Usually, multi-year roadmaps are split into milestones: after finishing each milestone we will have a review meeting to look back at what we have accomplished so far and analyze the results. If any adjustments are needed, this is the time to make them!

The continuation

    If both parties are satisfied, after the project has been complete, we would love to keep working together to help you with future events as well as projects related to esports. We are open to both managing your esports project independently and working together with your team to keep the ball rolling!

Goexanimo is a fastest growing global esports agency

Industry leaders in the project management of esports. If you are a company looking for an esports marketing agency, with experience with the latest video games, our team is here to help: we’ve produced global esports tournaments across every continent, for 100 clients - from leading consumer brands to the world’s biggest video game developers, to global and local sporting organizations. Whichever industry you are in: we have proven experience in successfully introducing your business and services to gaming audiences.

A team

You can count on

Jānis Dzērve
Chief Executive Officer
"Our internal processes, project management and production standards are industry-leading and cost-efficient: 500 events produced, and counting."
Chris Simpson
Head of Sales
"Whether it’s for clients such as FIBA, Electronic Arts, the NFL, PUBG, or LG: we’re excited to work with global brands and game devs who want to reach consumer gamers directly."
Renārs Dzintars
Enterprise Sales
"With Goexanimo, consumer brands and game developers receive trusted consultancy: we understand esports, gamers, and how to place consumer brands in front of them."
Jānis Dzērve
Chief Executive Officer
Chris Simpson
Head of Sales
Renārs Dzintars
Enterprise Sales
Andris Grīnbergs
Chief Creative Officer
Raivis Kronis
Esports Stage Engineer
Maksims Čumaks
Digital Marketing Specialist
Bruno Gailītis
Head of Operations
Edgars Tomsons
Broadcast Producer
Markuss Jānis Pilickis
Assistant Producer
Toms Kristiāns Holcmanis
Tech & Audio Guru
Rihards Ralfs Eglājs
Lead Designer
Aivis Zons
Lead Video Editor
Jānis Tilaks
Rūta Grīnberga