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The movement catches the eye

In the last couple of years, stream animations have become a vital part of gaming and esports broadcasts, and you can't imagine a stream without them! By bringing different broadcast elements to life through animations, loops, and transitions, the whole broadcast starts to look more alive and the show feels more fluid.

At Goexanimo, our team of animators has years of experience crafting and delivering stunning stream animations to both regional and international clients. We pride ourselves in being able to turn any motionless broadcast visuals package into a masterpiece that is going to catch the viewer's attention all throughout the broadcast.

Esports and Gaming

Overview of this world in numbers


Daily gamers globally
0.6 bln
1.29 bln
1.75 bln


Daily stream viewers
0.38 mln
2.84 mln
15 mln


bln USD
Global esports market
$1.21 bln
$1.82 bln
$2.8 bln
$4.41 bln
$7.13 bln

Bringing visual elements to life

Animated logos

If you have ever wanted to bring your logo to life - animations are the answer! Our team of animators can pull off even the most complex logo animations through different animation techniques. We can make your logo into a 3D model and give it various effects like assembly and disassembly, rotation, reflection, and many more!

Downtime loops

Any type of broadcast has moments of downtime: be it the starting or ending screen, or the intermission. By making these scenes more visually appealing through different animation loops, you will capture and retain your viewer's attention throughout these moments of downtime thus making it easier for the viewer to get through them.

Stinger transition

Long gone are the days when switching between different screens during the broadcast happened without any transition. Modern-day viewers are used to seeing different screens being divided by a stinger transition: a visual effect or animation that makes the transition process between scenes look smooth and alluring.

Broadcast elements

Our team of animators has also mastered the art of bringing various other broadcast elements to life through animations. These can vary from showcasing the names of your commentators and participants on different screens to visually boosting the appearance of your competition format, tables, brackets, or schedule.

Let us craft your stream animations!

Get in touch with us now, and we will quickly answer your questions in regards to your purchase of our stream animation services.

Get in touch


A small glimpse at the main steps that we take in order to deliver you greatness!

First meeting

    In our initial meeting, we will begin the conversation by introducing ourselves and telling you a bit more about our company's history and all the projects withing whom we have produced stream animations. We will also love to get to know you better by hearing your gaming and esports industry story.

Information gathering

    With the introduction behind us, we will begin a thorough Q&A session with the main objective being to gather as much information as possible. We will ask you to tell us more about the broadcast that you're planning, what it revolves around, and what type of stream animations, and for which screens should we produce. Additionally, we will also talk about the project's timeline, key deadlines, and budget.

Creative work

    Once all the essential information is received and understood, our animation team works its magic! We will begin by asking you to provide us with all your current broadcast graphic assets and once they are received, we will conduct an internal brainstorm session in order to come up with ideas of how to bring your broadcast assets to life.

First draft & review process

    When our team of animators has finished their wizardry of making the first draft of your stream animations, you're going to be presented with the results. During this meeting, you will have the chance to review the animations and provide us with feedback on what you like and what you think should be changed or improved. This process is typically repeated several times until you feel like everything is perfect the way it is!

Final delivery

    When we receive your approval, the stream animations are to be considered final! We will export the animation assets and compile them into a neatly organized package that is going to be delivered to you via a platform of your choice. In case you require any stream animation changes due to unforeseen circumstances, we'll be happy to help!

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