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Our team has more than a decade of experience in organizing professional esports tournaments while working together with over 80 large corporate brand partners in the process. In total, Goexanimo has organized more than 400 local, regional and global esports events involving participating players and teams from 60 different countries from every continent on the planet!

If you are looking to create or run an esports tournament, Goexanimo is the partner for you!

Esports and Gaming

Overview of this world in numbers


Daily gamers globally
0.6 bln
1.29 bln
1.75 bln


Daily stream viewers
0.38 mln
2.84 mln
15 mln


bln USD
Global esports market
$1.21 bln
$1.82 bln
$2.8 bln
$4.41 bln
$7.13 bln

Sit back and relax - we will take care of everything

Tournament concept

    All professional esports tournaments begin with a properly crafted tournament concept. Our team has years of experience doing just that: creating tournament competition formats, rulebooks, instructions for participants, scheduling and managing matches and, of course, administrating the tournament. We pride ourselves on being able to build tournaments entirely from scratch, and that is exactly what we can do for you!

Streaming & talents

    One of the best ways to tell a story around your esports tournament is through streams with professional talents. Streams not only allow your tournaments to live on long after they have ended but are also a great way to advertise your game, brand, or your partners. At Goexanimo, we have state-of-the-art streaming equipped with production professionals behind the camera and experienced hosts, interviewers, and commentators in front of it.

Attracting players

    An esports tournament would not be possible without the participants. In order to create an event for the right audience, things such as the game's culture, community, player base, and marketing opportunities have to be taken into consideration. Goexanimo will do all the heavy-lifting: we will not only analyze the aforementioned criteria in order to come up with the best solution but we will also assist in attracting professional esports players and teams for your esports tournament.

Marketing campaign

    A very important but often forgotten area of any professional esports tournament is its marketing campaign that should always involve various digital art pieces, highlight reels, and custom-made videos. If required, our team can build a marketing and content plan that is going to reach the right audience through digital platforms that esports professionals and gamers use the most.

Prize payout & delivery

    After the dust settles and the champion is crowned, Goexanimo can either assist or entirely take care of paying out the prize money to the participants while strictly adhering to all international legal and financial processes. On top of that, we can also take care of delivering any other prizes such as your products and merchandise.


Let's make awesome esports tournaments together!

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The process

A small glimpse at the main steps that we take in order to deliver you greatness!

First meeting

    The initial meeting will be held mainly in order to better understand your goals and requirements, as well as figure out all the technical aspects of the esports tournament that you want. Topics that are often discussed are: target audience, tournament size, budget, and deadlines.

Preparation & planning

    With our first meeting behind us, we will begin the planning phase. We will determine which services are needed from our end and start working on tasks such as assembling the project team, deciding upon game and mode for the tournament, processing of visual and marketing materials, and creating the project timeline and cost estimate: all of which are going to be presented to you in a project plan.

Tournament setup

    When the project is approved, our tournament admins begin the work of setting up the event. This includes taking care of tasks such as creating competition format, rulebook, registration flow, and instruction for participants. Our main goal is to be prepared to announce the event with as much information for its participants as possible.

Social reach

    Our team of social media managers and industry experts will work towards creating and delivering a marketing campaign that is going to reach your target audience. Typically, these campaigns include numerous social media post templates designed by our graphics team and various video content pieces created by our video editors.

The big moment!

    Here weeks of planning and preparation all come together. We're going to execute your esports tournament to perfection whether it’s a live stream to millions of viewers across multiple digital platforms or an exhilarating arena-sized event with thousands of fans cheering on the action in person!

Prize delivery & reporting

    After your esports tournament has been fully completed, if required, Goexanimo will take care of paying out prizes and delivering all the goodies. Depending on the number of prizes, this process typically takes anywhere from 7 to 28 working days. Additionally, our project managers will craft a post-event report that is going to be presented to you once finished.

Goexanimo is a fastest growing global esports agency

Industry leaders in the project management of esports. If you are a company looking for an esports marketing agency, with experience with the latest video games, our team is here to help: we’ve produced global esports tournaments across every continent, for 100 clients - from leading consumer brands to the world’s biggest video game developers, to global and local sporting organizations. Whichever industry you are in: we have proven experience in successfully introducing your business and services to gaming audiences.

A team

You can count on

Jānis Dzērve
Chief Executive Officer
"Our internal processes, project management and production standards are industry-leading and cost-efficient: 500 events produced, and counting."
Chris Simpson
Head of Sales
"Whether it’s for clients such as FIBA, Electronic Arts, the NFL, PUBG, or LG: we’re excited to work with global brands and game devs who want to reach consumer gamers directly."
Renārs Dzintars
Enterprise Sales
"With Goexanimo, consumer brands and game developers receive trusted consultancy: we understand esports, gamers, and how to place consumer brands in front of them."
Jānis Dzērve
Chief Executive Officer
Chris Simpson
Head of Sales
Renārs Dzintars
Enterprise Sales
Andris Grīnbergs
Chief Creative Officer
Raivis Kronis
Esports Stage Engineer
Maksims Čumaks
Digital Marketing Specialist
Bruno Gailītis
Head of Operations
Edgars Tomsons
Broadcast Producer
Markuss Jānis Pilickis
Assistant Producer
Toms Kristiāns Holcmanis
Tech & Audio Guru
Rihards Ralfs Eglājs
Lead Designer
Aivis Zons
Lead Video Editor
Jānis Tilaks
Rūta Grīnberga

Whether you are large esports tournament organizers with a regular schedule of esports events, with the latest video games, our team is here to help: we’ve produced global esport tournaments across every continent, for 100 clients - from leading consumer brands to the world’s biggest game developers, to global and local sporting organizations.

Goexanimo doesn’t cater exclusively to major esports clients. We also provide consultancy services for brands and companies who simply want to learn “how to” organize esports tournaments. Calling on our 500+ event experience, we pride ourselves on a straight-talk approach, and outstanding reputation, in always delivering the best possible esports and video game event advice. We also specialize in creating esports and video game event roadmaps: to plan out precisely how you can engage consumers over an extending period of time - anywhere from 3 months to 3 years.

If you are interested in gaming tournaments for casual fans, and organizing an esports tournament for pro teams, the key to success is player and viewer engagement: Goexanimo can assist you with ensuring the best possible experience for all. Every project is unique, and we can assist you with every aspect: from concept to tournament administration, to production; social media engagement; influencer marketing; YouTube highlights; and much more.

With the right partner, it’s easy to organize esports tournaments, leagues, or one-off video game events. If you would like to book a meeting to learn more, please use the contact section. Alternatively, you can request your free Esports Marketing Strategy Guide to learn more about this exciting industry. At Goexanimo, we believe knowledge is power, and that it should be shared.